Membership Appeal

The Academy of Health Professions Educators is a registered national non-governmental organization of like-minded health professionals who have keen interest in the development and advancement of health professions education. The core purpose of this organization is to improve the standards and quality of health professions education in India at all levels – undergraduate, postgraduate and continuing professional development in alignment with the goals of SEARAME and WFME. 

Life membership is granted to all Health Professions Educators of India. HPE professionals belonging to other regions will be granted Associate membership.

Procedure for Membership:

  • A Life member may propose any Health Professions Educators for inclusion as a member of the AHPE and such proposal may be seconded (optional) by another Life member. 
  • Membership will be granted upon upon submission of application form which will be scrutinized by the managing committee. 
  • On acceptance of the application, a payment request will be sent to the email ID provided, for payment of membership dues. Life Membership fee is Rs.4000/- .
  • The AHPE membership will be granted on payment of membership dues.

Looking forward to your whole-hearted participation.

Dr Chetna Desai President
Dr Jyotsna S, Secretary
Dr Munira Hirkani, Treasurer

AHPE Membership Application Process and Form

Step 1. Keep the details of the proposer and seconder (optional) ready. Name, AHPE number in AHPE/XXX/YEAR

Step 2. Keep a copy of your highest qualifications in field of health professions education ready

Step 3. Complete the Membership application form. Open here.

Step 4. Email a copy of your completed membership application form which you will receive on your email to the Secretary ([email protected]) and the Treasurer ([email protected]).