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AHPE Webinar Series 2 for Health Professions Educators

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Webinar Schedule
2nd May 2020, 7 pm: Simulation Based Learning
Lead Faculty: Dr Dinesh Badyal, Dr Kavita Bhatti, Dr Christina George (CMC Ludhiana) and Roshana Shreshta (KUH, Nepal)
5th May 2020, 10 am: Moodle – Part 1
Lead Faculty: Dr Hemant Damle, SKMC, Pune; Dr Chinmay Shah, GMC Bhavnagar and Dr Sanjay Bedi, Adesh, Batinda
9th May 2020, 10 am: Moodle – Part 2
Lead Faculty: Dr Hemant Damle SKMC, Pune; Dr Chinmay Shah, GMC Bhavnagar, and Dr Sanjay Bedi, Adesh, Batinda
12th May 2020, 7 pm: Complementing online teaching and assessment
Lead Faculty: Dr Tejinder Singh, SGRDIMSR, Amritsar
15th May 2020, 7 pm: Reaching for the Clouds: New paradigms in curriculum delivery
Lead Faculty: Dr. Poornima P Kundapur, MIT, MAHE, Manipal
19th May 2020, 7 pm: Digital tools for student engagement
Lead Faculty: Dr Narasimhan Swaminathan, SRIHER, Chennai
28th May 2020, 7 pm: OSPE
Lead Faculty: Dr. Sucheta Dandekar, Era’s, Lucknow

This webinar series is organized by Academy of Health Professions Educators, India in collaboration with FAIMER Regional Institutes of India and MEUINDIA

NCHPE 2020: 12th National Conference of Health Professions Education
18-21 November 2020
Hosts: Sri Guru Ram Das Institute of Medical Sciences and Research , Sri Amritsar, Punjab, India
Conference Theme: Looking Back to Leap Forward: Curriculum Innovation

Visit conference website